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Welcome to Minnesota Rhinoplasty! If you are looking for the top surgeon in Minnesota, you have come to the right place. Below you will find more in-depth information on Nose Job’s in Minnesota.

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What is Rhinoplasty?

It is the technical name for plastic surgery performed on the nose.  Often referred to as a “nose job”, is one of the most commonly performed treatments worldwide. The procedure involves the reconstruction of the nose. It is often used to enhance the appearance of the nose but is also used to correct nasal functions or a deviated septum. Along with correcting breathing issues, surgery can be performed to reshape the tip or the bridge of the nose as a whole. Much like a clay sculptor, the surgeon will form the cartilage and bone to the patients desired dimensions. This is often done to better the proportion of the nose to the rest of the facial features. However the skin of the nose is not changed.  The skin will simply form to the new shape of the nose.  We can bring you amazing results, leaving you with an improvement in your overall appearance.   We will remind you that there are limitations as to how we can reshape your nose.  Remember the primary function is to smell.  Extreme thinning of the nose could result in loss of smell.

What makes you a candidate for rhinoplasty? 

As with all cosmetic surgery it is important to be in good health and have realistic expectations. Most candidates for surgery show dissatisfaction with the appearance of their nose and want to improve their characteristics through  surgery. A good candidate for the surgery is a person looking to improve the shape of their nose and make it look perfect. Although there is no perfect treatment. Skin type, ethnic background and age are important factors to consider before  surgery. Used for aesthetic purposes should take place when the nose has completed its development; this occurs around age 15 in girls and a few years later in boys, except in cases in which breathing is severely compromised it is important that our young patients consider whether the surgery is the appropriate choice.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhino Tip – A common plastic surgery that involves alteration to the tip and nasal opening.

Standard Surgery This is a full nose operation to correct the tip, bridge and nostrils.

How to choose your surgeon? 

It is very important to choose a qualified and highly experienced surgeon in MN.  Minneapolis, Minnesota is home to many of the top plastic surgeons on the county. Be sure to choosing a surgeon, in which type of procedure is an important part of their practice. Also, if a surgeon has performed many plastic surgeries, he will have had more time to perfect their techniques.

Making the decision to have rhinoplasty surgery

You should make the decision to have a rhinoplasty operation done when all the necessary information regarding your case had been obtained. For this our surgeon will examine the structure of the nose, to accurately assess the particular characteristics of the case, he will discuss the different factors involved in the outcome of surgery, such as skin type, ethnicity , the degree of deformity, etc. and will explain in detail how the surgery is performed, the objectives, characteristics and postoperative risks.

How to care for yourself prior to the procedure. 

Do not eat any food or liquid 6 hours before the intervention.

Do not apply any makeup or creams and make sure your fingernails are unpainted.

Do not wear any metal objects such as rings , earrings, or jewlery.

Do not wear contact lenses or dentures that can be extracted. 

Bring spacious and comfortable clothes.

Do not take aspirin or any anticoagulant one week before surgery.

Postprocedure guidance 

Lie down with the head of the bed elevated.

Avoid being head down.

Remember that your nose is stuffy, so must breathe through the mouth.

Put saline into the nostrils several times a day after removing the nose cap.

You should not blow your nose; saline rinses will take care of this for you.

Do not soak or remove the plaster. If nosebleeds, stay seated and relaxed, bleeding will disappear (the nervousness and excitement affects the persistence of bleeding).

Two or three days after surgery usually leaves a bloody discharge from the nose, do not worry because this is normal.

After removing the plaster, you should avoid physical activity for 4 weeks or games that can hit the nose. 

During the first months there may be a slight nasal packing produced by the neighborhood edema involving the nasal mucosa.

In any case forward in time, but you can use nasal decongestants a month after surgery.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure the first two months or use SPF 40 or higher.